The private company with limited liability Azule BV , located in Utrecht , Netherlands ( CoC number 55842046 ) and its associate ( legal) persons registered at the Chamber of Commerce, is the mother holding of Cementtiles.com.

Azule cement tiles ( Portuguese tiles ) are made ​​entirely by hand, using traditional methods. It is a unique and authentic product . This also applies to our Zelliges . The production of cement tiles is done without heating and the ingredients used are environmentally friendly and sustainable . Just like old times . Slight deviations in color, shape and pattern are inherent in the production and material type . This slight deviations must be considered to be normal. It is these characteristics give these tiles a special and unique character . For best results from the application of tiles you should follow the roadmap. Carefully

For more information on the history , production and loading and handling of the cement hedgehogs we refer to our site www.Cementtiles.com

You should check for wear, damage , color fastness before transporting the tiles . The purchased tiles themselves Tiles with any damage can be exchanged directly and free . You need for suitable transport to take care. Please note the total weight of your order . This weight is stated on the invoice . Please also note that our tiles are a traditional product and may the tiles are damaged. Due to improper transport / treatment Tiles should always be in the original packaging and with the opening closed up to be transported . The tiles are then vertically in the package which significantly reduced the risk of breakage .

Tiles you received from an external carrier should immediately accuracy ( type and number ) and be well. Checked any damage In case of damage or inaccuracy , you must inform us within 24 hours of receipt in writing (by mail ) to notify . We are not liable for damage caused during the ( external ) transport , transport by third parties .
Laying tiles requires our special attention because it is all about patterns, borders and colors. Always have a tiler tiles that is familiar with this type . Calculation good how to make patterns and colors come out. Your space the best tiled If necessary, use our Floor Planner ? . Follow during installation very carefully the steps listed in Places and treatment on this website . The correct order of installation and handling is very important for the end result and the warranty on your tile . Always use the correct Azule specified maintenance and cleaning products for the treatment of your tile . Cementtiles.com BV gives a warranty of 12 months on its tiles. This is the case in normal use of the tiles in which the floor has been placed in the correct manner and treated as described in our instructions.

We gladly provide you with any information you might need about placing and using your tiles. However, you have the final itself in control . We can help you with making a drawing , you should still check for accuracy . These good We can also advise on tilers example. No rights can be derived from the floor planner on our website . This is purely informative and intended to give a particular end result a better view.

Tiles and Treatment Products such as impregnation , tile adhesive or grout only be returned within the statutory period of 7 days , provided they are in the same condition as you received these funds.

Tiles should be stored . Frost and dry When wet the packing discoloration may occur in the tegels. For orders / reservations of tiles that are not in stock you should take into account a delivery time of up to 3 months . It is often possible to transmit your order to our factory so that it can come . Along with the next shipment However, experience shows that formalities ( unforeseen ) logistics and customs containers are often way longer than anticipated. Here we can therefore not guarantee you will have it entirely dependent on eg the carrier and customs in the country of origin .

Your booking can be made ​​than agreed . 6 weeks later After these 6 weeks you have the right to cancel the order. Free Reservations must arrive two weeks after placing the order or entry of the consignment to be collected , if specifically agreed otherwise . After this period Cementtiles.com BV provide any guarantees regarding the availability . If we receive after repeated contact , or after a waiting period of 3 weeks, no written response on picking up your order we are free your order back in stock to take and when to sell . Cementtiles.com is not liable for laying , treating your floor , transport or calculating the number of tiles needed . For the rest, we refer to our Terms and Conditions .