Placing and Treatment of the Cement Tiles


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Azule cement tiles are completely produced by hand. It is a unique and authentic product and therefore requires slightly different treatment in terms of laying and maintenance than with other tiles. For detailed instructions please visit our website. Below you can find a condensed version of these instructions however we advise always going through the extended version. For the best end result it’s important to follow the correct sequence of steps. 

Required materials and resources:

For laying the tiles:

  • Primer
  • Flexible tile glue, suitable for natural stone
  • Flexible grout, suitable for natural stone
  • Tile spacers, 2mm
  • Water-cooled tile saw
  • Grout trowel, glue trowel 8 mm, glue pot
  • Breathable foil or colorless drapery

For the cleaning and impregnating off the Cement Tiles:

  • Azule Grout stain remover (cleaner)
  • Azule Tile sealant (impregnation)
  • Azule Tile oil or Azule color intensifier (impregnation)
  • Azule Tile soap (maintenance product)
  • Paint (lacquer) roller, paint tray, sponge and water bucket
  • Lint-free cotton cloth

Importent for impregnation:

  • It is important that cement tiles are being impregnated twice before and twice after grouting them.
  • Make sure your tiles are dry and clean every time before you impregnate them.
  • Before grouting the tiles should be impregnated with Azule Tile sealant. After grouting, the tiles should be impregnated with Azule Tile oil OR Azule Color intensifier.
  • For the interim cleaning of the tiles, during the placement process, please use the cleanser Azule Grout stain remover
  • For periodical maintenance of our tiles please use Azule Tile soap. (Acid free)



step 1 
The surface to which you are gluing the tiles must be flat, always use a flexible tile glue. Use a primer to enhance adhesion. Use a glue trowel of either 6-8 or 8-10mm in size. Use 2mm tile crosses. Remove excess glue and dirt on the tiles immediately. Allow the glue a minimum of 72 hours to dry.

step 2
Clean the floor with Azule Grout Stain Remover (1/3 of the bottle to 5 parts water) and a sponge. Wring the sponge out properly when cleaning the floor; the tiles cannot become too wet. Allow the floor a minimum of 12 hours to dry.

step 3 
Before grouting the tiles you must first impregnate them with Azule Tile Sealant, the base impregnation solution. The floor must be clean and dry. For application use a roller brush, a tray and a clean sponge. Apply the Tile Sealant generously to an area of two rows of ten tiles. Then use the sponge to wipe any foam bubbles away. Do not apply too much pressure. Repeat this step. Give this treatment 12 hours to dry before moving on to the next step.

step 4 
For grouting use a waterproof grout. Only use a silver-grey, grey or jasmine-white grout. Never use a dark coloured grout (anthracite or black). When grouting remove any excess grout which remains on the top layer immediately. Wash away the excess grout (within 30 minutes) with Azule Grout Stain Remover (2/3 of the bottle with 5 parts water). Allow the grout at least 48 hours to dry.

step 5 
Finally you should impregnate the tiles several times (a minimum of 2x until the tiles are saturated) with an extra impregnation solution to give the right amount of protection. What you treat your tiles with depends on where they have been placed. Choose an additional product to treat your tiles with alongside Azule Tile Sealant and treat your floor several times with it. 

We advise:

Azule Colour Intensifier for toilets, bathrooms, showers and outdoor terraces. Azule Colour Intensifier will give a deeper colour/ wet look to the tiles 
Azule Tile Oil for kitchens, dining rooms, halls and living rooms. Azule Tile Oil will enhance the colour of the tiles without giving them a shiny effect 
Azule Nano Spray for all vertically placed tiles. Azule Nano Spray is water and dirt resistant as well as being colourless.


- Within 15 minutes of applying Tile Oil, scrub the surface well with a lint-free cotton cloth. 

- Immediately after applying Colour Intensifier, rub with a lint-free cotton cloth. 

step 6 
Maintain your tiles once per week with Azule Tile Soap and water. This solution is acid-free and contains a small concentration of impregnation agent. You can easily order Azule Tile Soap via our webshop and in doing so you extend the lifespan of your tiles in a good way.

Congratulations, your tiles are ready to shine!



  • Always read the instructions on the treatment products.
  • Work in a clean and well- ventilated area.
  • Never use floor heating during the treatment of cement tiles.
  • It’s best to mix tiles from different boxes together.
  • For covering the tile floor during a renovation use a breathable foil like Permafix or a colorless drapery. Never cover floor with carton, plastic, cardboard or non-breathable materials.
  • Never use cleaning agents that contain acids; antilime detergent, bleach and chlorine. They will damage the cement tiles.
  • Always use an acid-free kit (Bison) for sealing joints in a bathroom. Mounted kit can be smoothened with Azule Tile soap .
  • Don’t let Azule Tile Oil dry out on top of the cement tiles. Always rub in with a lint-free cotton cloth.
  • Materials with drying Tile oil can ignite by heating. Expand used cloths and allow to dry outdoors. If necessary, store in a sealed container or underwater. 
  • If you are uncertain about the proper treatment or have questions about the treatment schedule, please feel free to contact our helpdesk. We will advise you in the best possible way to obtain a great result.